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LED Flood Light Fixtures, Parking Lot Lights, LED Lights - Highest Quality

At K & A Lighting Solutions, LED Flood light fixtures, our LED lights and all products are of utmost importance. For example our LED High Bay Fixtures, parking lot lights, wall pack, canopy lights, garage lights and light fixtures are designed for maximum light distribution and endurance in all types of industrial environments, specifically the high hanging height and high ambient temperature conditions found in many manufacturing and warehousing facilities. All of our fixtures are manufactured with high quality LED's that are designed for industrial lighting applications. Most of our fixtures are DLC, UL, ETL, cUL, RoHS, 8yr warranty. You can repair your LED Street light, LED parking lot light, LED flood light, LED canopy light and LED high bay light fixture after the warranty!

Conveniently located in Houston, TX, K & A Lighting Solutions serves the greater Houston, TX including towns across the USA. With completely uniformed, trained service technicians, with 20 years of experience, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the absolute best service and quality lighting.

From providing effective lighting to helping optimize lighting efficiency, K & A Lighting Solutions is available to help your business - commercial, retail, or industrial - with all of your lighting management and maintenance needs. Call today to learn more about our commercial lighting services.

K & A Lighting Solutions also does fixture replacement. Often, our customers are interested in replacing their current fixtures for LED energy savings and updating the look of their office or retail space. In the case of Metal Halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures, they can be retrofitted and should be replaced with lower wattage LED fixtures. Replacing Metal Halide or high-pressure sodium fixtures with LED fixtures can potentially cut your energy use (per fixture) in half. Our LED Fixture, parking lot lights, LED Flood Lights, canopy lights, high bay lights and street lights come with a 8-year warranty.

We focus on saving energy by LED commercial lighting. By using LEDs, we can significantly reduce our usage of energy. By having our LED Parking Lot Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Canopy Lights, LED High Bay Lights and LED Street Lights. Each fixture can be repair after the warranty.

“LED Lighting Made Easy”

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